Ministry of Justice, Law and Parliamentary Affairs

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Law Admin

Law Administration Department consists of the following sectors:

1.1 DPS Office

▪ This office coordinates the planning and budgeting process of all programs in the ministry.

▪ It also coordinates ministry's financial management and controls budget.

▪ It Manages and administers ministerial assets and fleet.

▪Lastly, this office is in charge of the supervision of administration staff.

1.2 Human Resource

▪ The human Resource Office improves the alignment and utilization of human resources within the Ministry.

▪ It coordinates implementation of performance management system.

▪ It improves the level of disciple within the ministry.

▪ It reduces time taken to pay retiring officers’ terminal benefits.

▪ It manages the production of Human resources information.

▪ It also facilitates capacitation of public officers with the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities.


1.3 Legal

▪ This section promotes legal presentation to indigent Basotho.

▪ It strengthens legal aid


1.4 Procurement

 The main function is to procure goods and services for the whole Ministry following the government procedures and regulations. Our procuring process is as follows; M0– M50,000 is a single order, M50,000– M100,000 is a maximum of 3 quotations and lastly, M100,000 upwards is a tendering amounts.

1.5 Information

• This section releases the ministerial information to the public.

▪ It sensitizes heads of departments.

• It draws plan of activities.

▪ It also distributes assignments.

1.6 IT

▪ This department is in charge of developing the ministerial website and the internet connections at the different ministerial departments.

1.7 Transport

▪ The main function of this section is to support the employees of this ministry with transport to go to different destinations that involve work related matters. It also helps nuclear families of the Administration section employees with transportation when they have funerals.

1.8 Audit

▪ This section enforces proper control mechanisms to minimize incidents of fraud.

▪ Check compliance with laid down rules and regulations, policies, procedures and contracts.


1.9 Registry office

▪ This office helps the ministry keep the necessary documentation for both the ministry’s offices and compliance units.

▪ It assists the ministry in managing records and ordinary records

▪ It receives, records and distributes incoming mail of all kinds both internally, being within the ministry and externally meaning to other ministries, organisations and or the ministry’s other departments: Probation, Legal Aid and LCS. The kind of letters include memoranda, savingrams and faxes


1.10 Planning

▪ The planning section enhances research within the ministry.

▪ To coordinate ministerial capital projects.

▪ To take lead in the coordination of National Strategic Development Plan II implementation and other National and Ministerial Policies and Plans .


1.11 Accounts